About The Applied Research and Innovation Hub

Insight Park's state-of-the-art Hub

The Innovation Hub is a 62,000 square foot, state-of-the-art building that currently serves as the gateway for Insight Park. The building offers custom space and flexible leasing agreements to suit any company. Beyond the high-end technology and the beautiful architecture and interiors, it is here you will find an enterprising environment where you can build and execute your business dream.

  • A beautifully appointed, high-technology center with space for businesses of most any size
  • Access to our executive conference room
  • 24/7 Card Key Access
  • Cutting-edge data network and security systems
  • Shared common spaces (such as kitchen facilities and lounge areas)
  • Wet and dry lab facilities
  • Opportunities to utilize shared business office equipment
  • Proximity to the Blackburn-McMurray Outdoor Sports Complex, intramural/multi-use field, the sport club field, two sand volleyball courts, 23-hole disc golf course, and the Rebel Challenge Course
  • Executive in Residence: Elizabeth Randall is on site at the Innovation Hub to provide mentorship and counseling for new CEOs. 

Also, feel free to download the University Tenants Handbook to learn more.

University Tenants Handbook University Tenants Handbook (12229 KB)