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Insight Park is home to many great businesses.

Blue Street Capital
Blue Street Capital is a privately owned financing company focused on pairing technology solutions providers with growing businesses.
850 Insight Park Avenue, 136
University MS 38677

Cotton's Cafe
We specialize in baking healthy, all-natural dog treats using fresh farm produce and no artificial ingredients. We take our all-natural commitment even further by preserving our treats naturally using apple cider vinegar and raw honey, with no added sugar or salt.
850 Insight Park Avenue, 163
University MS 38677

General Atomics
One of the world's leading resources for high-technology systems ranging from the nuclear fuel cycle to electromagnetic systems, remotely operated surveillance aircraft, airborne sensors, and advanced electronic, wireless and laser technologies.
850 Insight Park Avenue, 139
University MS 38677

Health Check
Healthcare financial records auditing
850 Insight Park Avenue, 162
University MS 38677

JS Health Partners
Medical supply sales and logistics
850 Insight Park Avenue, Suite 139
University MS 38677

Nemus Bioscience Inc.
A biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development, and the commercialization of cannabis-based therapeutics
850 Insight Park Avenue, 229
University MS 38677

NMEC (North Mississippi Education Consortium)
Training leaders in education
850 Insight Park Avenue, Suite 253
University MS 38677

Randall Commercial Group
Commercial real estate sales and development
850 Insight Park Avenue, Suite 124
University MS 38677

Shields Environmental Consulting
Helping preserve the environment
850 Insight Park Avenue, Suite 134
University MS 38677

Developing ultrasonic devices to gather biometric data
850 Insight Park Avenue, Suite 133
University MS 38677

Student Incubator
The brightest students working on the best ideas
850 Insight Park Avenue, _
University MS 38677

Topical Products Testing, LLC
Testing the quality of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
850 Insight Park Avenue, 220
University MS 38677

TranZ Biosciences, LLC
Development/testing of pharmaceutical and botanical products
850 Insight Park Avenue, 221
University MS 38677

University & Public Events
Learn more about University Events
850 Insight Park Avenue, Suite 155
University MS 38677