• 10 Feb 2014

    Startup Weekend: Entrepreneurs Act on Business Plans

    OXFORD, Miss. (WTVA) -- Some entrepreneurs got to act on their business plans at Startup Weekend.

    "I was thinking of ways that maybe [my friends] could get around town without having to buy an expensive car," Ole Miss student Nathan McCartney said

    McCartney and three other Ole Miss students worked on plans for a startup called: Southeastern Scooters Saturday.

    "Scooters are a lot cheaper and a lot more efficient on gas," McCartney said.

    Nine groups participated in Innovate Mississippi's Startup Weekend, an effort to inspire people to act on their ideas.

    "This is definitely a big part of our mission and we want to do these events all over the state and help entrepreneurs get resources and grow," Innovate Mississippi Entrepreneurial Development Manager Tasha Bibb said.

    Each team comes up with an idea and develops a business plan that could turn into an actual company.

    "I've always just kind of wanted to just get out there and do something," McCartney said. "Take some risks and see if it works out."

    These teammates said the weekend allows them to overcome any hurdles before starting their business.

    "You're going to have to know how much money it's going to cost and if it's going to be feasible," Ole Miss student Blake Pruett said.

    Despite the risks, the team said they are willing to make a go of their startup.

    "I think if we get some basis here maybe I'll throw all of my savings account in this and buy some scooters and just see what happens," Pruett said.

    The other teams are made up of people of all ages and backgrounds.

    The teams said this allows these entrepreneurs to take advantage of different skill sets and network.

    "It brings entrepreneurs together and actually help get things done and show people that business is an opportunity and that there is opportunity in America," Ole Miss student Taylor Brame said.

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    Reported by Jessica Albert