• 09 Feb 2016

    Students Create Wardrobe-sharing Platform: Nimble

    OXFORD, Miss. (The Daily Mississippian, February 9, 2016) - Last year saw the rise of apps and services such as Airbnb and Uber. The format of peer-to-peer sharing services is more popular than ever, and now an Oxford startup company is adopting a similar format for their most recent app, Nimble Fashion. 

    Nimble Fashion is just a way that women can wear a different dress to every single event, look fabulous and save money at the same time,” Nimble co-founder and senior Sara Kiparizoska said. 

    Although now successful, Nimble originally started as a simple idea between two students with empty pockets and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

    “I needed a dress to wear, and between all of my friends, I either couldn’t get a hold of them, had already asked them, or felt uncomfortable asking,” Kiparizoska said. “I was just thinking of a way where I could see everyone’s dresses in Oxford, but I could just pay them to borrow the dress for one night.”

    This idea became a reality when Kiparizoska spoke to longtime friend William Ault about the possibility of having a Facebook group that students could post pictures of dresses they were willing to lend out for various events. 

    Ault took the idea one step further and suggested that the two design an app for that very purpose, which eventually became the Nimble Fashion company. 

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