• 03 Sep 2013

    UM Offers Hands-on Course in Pharmaceutical Tablet Technology

    OXFORD, Miss. – Some 30 to 60 very nontraditional students are expected to gather at the University of Mississippi in September for a weeklong course that will teach them how to make and evaluate tablets used to deliver medicines or dietary supplements.

    Mostly from the pharmaceutical industry and the agency that regulates it, the students are coming from across the country and elsewhere to take UM’s new “Hands-on Course in Tablet Technology,” which will be offered three times a year and bring 100 to 200 pharmaceutical scientists to the Oxford campus.

    “Participants will learn how to choose the right components to make tablets, work in teams to actually make them, then evaluate or test them to ensure that they are appropriate,” said Michael A. Repka, theUM School of Pharmacy‘s professor and chair of pharmaceutics and director of its Pii Center for Pharmaceutical Technology.

    The Sept. 22-27 course’s daily lectures and laboratories will be taught by a broad mix of representatives from industry, equipment manufacturers and academia to ensure that participants receive a broad overview of the science and technology associated with developing and manufacturing tablets using advanced manufacturing processes, such as hot-melt extrusion.

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